Policies & Procedures

Please refer to this webpage to learn about the various system-wide and local policies and procedures that govern the University of California, Riverside. If additional guidance is required please refer to the Who Does What? page within this website to identify a designated team member for assistance.

Accounts Payable

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Policies & Procedures UCOP UCR
Charges without Benefit of and with Purchase Orders   200-14
Disbursements: Advance Payments See OP SharePoint  
Disbursements: Approvals Required D371-16  
Disbursements: Cancellation and Redrawing of Vendor Checks D371-12  
Disbursements: Accounting for and Tax Reporting of Payments Made Through the Vendor System D371-12-1  
Disbursements: Discount Terminology D371-23  
Disbursements: Encumbrance Accounting D371-21  
Disbursements: Freight D371-28  
Disbursements: Honorarium Payments D371-35 200-58
Disbursements: Invoice Processing in Response to Purchase Authorizations (see also UC Sales & Use Tax Manual) D371-36 200-59
Disbursements: Payments for Deceased Payees Made Through the Vendor System D371-62  
Disbursements: State Tax Withholding from Non-wage Payments to Nonresidents Of California D371-77  
Employee Non-Cash Awards and Other Gifts BFB G-41  
Gifts Presented to Non-Employees on Behalf of the University BFB G-42  
Memberships BFB G-43  
Petty Cash Procedures C173-61 200-72
Procurement Card Program BFB-BUS-43 750-70
Purchasing Policies and Procedures   UCR Purchasing

Business Contracts

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Policies & Procedures UCOP UCR
Administrative Cost Recovery and Special Agreements for Central Administrative Service   300-02
Alcohol Policy for Event   700-60
Business Contracts Policy   750-33
Charges without Benefit of and with Purchase Orders   200-14
Classification of Awards/Business Agreements from Private Sources   500-05
Extramural funds, Classification and Administrative Responsibility   200-45
Fire Prevention and Safety   425-28
Indemnification Standing Order of the Regents, 100.4(dd)  
Miscellaneous Business Agreements   700-85
Organization Sales and Service Fund Policy   300-66A
Physical Plant Maintenance, Repairs, Alterations, & Other Services   450-72
Policies Operation & Services (Security for Facility & Equipment)   850-45
Posting Regulations   700-50
Sales & Service Activities, Establishment and Budgetary Review   300-66
Special Events (Parking)   700-65
Special Events and Concerts   425-88
Special Services to Individuals and Organizations APM-020  
Travel Regulations BFB G-28  
Use of University Properties Education Code 92440.5

Controls & Access

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Policies & Procedures UCOP UCR
Cash Handling BFB BUS-49   
Inventory BFB BUS-54  
PAN Review Guidelines   200-61 
UCRFS Ledger Review Guidelines   200-97 

Extramural Funds

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Policies & Procedures UCOP UCR
Allowable Costs C&G Manual - Chapter 7-200  
Cost Sharing C&G Manual - Chapter 05  
Cost Transfers C&G Manual - Chapter 7-400
BFB A-47
Direct Costing Policy BFB A-47  
Indirect Cost   C&G Manual - Chapter 08  
Extramural Fund Classification   200-45
PreAward   550-80 
Signature Authorization (or cancellation)   200-80

General Accounting, Plant, & Equipment

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Policies & Procedures UCOP UCR
Auxiliary BFB A-59  
BEA, NCT, Recharge Use   200-03
Cash-Check BFB-BUS-49 200-06
Collections Sundry Debtor Bills and Student Loans   200-16
Credit/Debit Card Payments - Acceptance of   200-17
Direct Sales by Department to Students or Other Individuals   200-32
Disposal of Excess Property BUS-38 750-99
Fabricated Equipment   750-18
Funds - Transfer of Funds (Requests for)   200-54
Management of Government Contract and Grant Equipment BUS-29 750-24
Management of University Equipment BUS-29 750-12
PAN Review Guidelines   200-61
Petty Cash BFB-BUS-49 200-72 
Short Term Investment Pool BFB A-60 200-78
Cost Transfers    200-50
UCRFS Ledger Review Guidelines   200-97
Sales & Service BFB A-56  
Transfer of University-Owned Property BUS-38  

Payroll Coordination

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GROSS PAY - Policies & Procedures UCOP UCR
Attendance, Time Reporting, and Leave Accrual Records P-196-13 200-01 
Payroll: Official pay Dates P-196-16.5 Payroll Calendar
Damage Payments for Services Performed Before Loyalty Oath Is Signed P-196-21  
Range Adjustments P-196-62  
TAXES - Policies & Procedures UCOP UCR
Accounting for and Tax Reporting of Mandatory Deductions
and Insurance Benefit Contributions
Federal Taxation of Citizens P-196-28  
Settlement Payments P-196-76  
State Tax Withholding from Employees P-196-77  
Federal Taxation of Aliens T-182-27 200-62
Income Tax Information in the Accounting Manual T-182-37  
OASDI and Medicare Contributions P-196-30  
UCRS Accounting Procedures P-196-78  
Taxation of Scholarship and Fellowship grants and Educational Assistance T-182-77  
Tax Withholding for States Outside of California  T-182-78  
Contribution Deductions for Fund-Raising Organizations P-196-16  
Deduction-Cost Reimbursement P-196-23  
Group Automobile Insurance P-196-35  
Health Sciences Compensation Plans P-196-37  
Miscellaneous Payroll Deductions for Employee
Organizations, Faculty Clubs, and Credit Unions
Unemployment Insurance P-196-77.5 600-75
Workers' Compensation Insurance P-196-86 600-85
OTHER - Policies & Procedures UCOP UCR
Internal Control Standards: Departmental Payrolls BFB IA-101  
Employee Death Payments P-196-25 650-18
Intercampus Transfers and Appointments P-196-38  
Salary Attachments and Assignments P-196-70  
Senior Management Group Automobile Allowance Regents 7709  
Senior Management Group Relocation Allowance Regents 7711  
Education Abroad Program: Intercampus Transactions E-227-35  
Employee Non-Cash Awards BFB G-41  
Records Retention Schedule Retention Schedule
Cost Transfers   200-50
Payroll Check Distribution   200-66
Volunteer Staff Appointments (Without Salary)   650-85
Subpoenas   800-80
Employment Eligibility (Form I-9)   650-28

Procurement Services

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Policies & Procedures UCOP UCR
Affirmative Action in Business Contracting   750-78
Authority to Purchase   750-63
Bids/Competition   750-69
Blanket Orders   750-03
Conflicts of Interest   750-63
Consultants BFB-BUS-43 750-27
Emergency Orders   750-60
Expediting   750-60
Export Control Export Control Policy Export Compliance Program Plan (ECP)
Gifts and Gratuities   750-21
Loans of Equipment from Vendors   750-60
LVPA (Low Value Purchase Authorization)   750-39
Methods of Procurement   750-63
Negotiation   750-69
Planned Purchasing Program   750-54
Prepaid Purchases   750-60
Purchasing Doesn't Buy...   750-63
Reasonable Price   750-69
Requisitions   750-60
Small Business Program   750-78
Sole Source Purchases   750-60
Sub-Contracting Plans   750-78
Sub-Purchase Order   750-03
Typing Done Off-Campus   750-60
Unauthorized Purchases   750-63

Travel & Entertainment

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Policies & Procedures UCOP UCR
Travel BFB G-28 900-20
Entertainment BFB Bus-79 200-44
Moving, Removal and Relocation BFB G-13
SMG Moving - Regents Policy 7710
SMG Relocation - Regents Policy 7711
650-31 - Academics
650-32 - Staff
T&E Corporate Charge Card   900-05
Travel Advances & Direct Charges   900-40
Use of Privately Owned Autos   900-45
Vehicle Accident & Damage Reporting   900-55
Vehicle Rental & Hotel/Motel   900-80
Transient Occupancy Taxes (rescinded) T-182-75