Updated Non-IT Temporary Labor Service providers

By Bobbi McCracken (Associate Vice Chancellor for Business & Financial Services and Controller) |
Riverside, CA –

Dear Colleagues,

The Office of the President has awarded new agreements to provide Non-IT temporary labor services for the UC System.  Some of these providers are new to UCR, while others continue on with updated agreements. The new Agreements are valid from January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2024.

Here is a list of providers that serve the Southern California area:

Provider Name                                            UCR Agmt #                     UCOP Agmt #
22nd Century Technologies                         2718                                  2019.001919
e-Solutions (Vidhwan)                                2719                                  2019.001935
Expert Staffing West                                   2720                                  2019.001936
Howroyd Wright (Apple One)                    2721                                  2019.001913
LanceSoft                                                      2722                                  2019.001933
Manpower                                                    2723                                  2019.001915
Ronin Staffing LLC                                        2724                                  2019.001917
SoftHQ                                                           2725                                  2019.001934                            

Please see the information below which lists the staffing categories that each supplier provides, job titles available, and agency contact information.  Refer to the UC Regents Policy 5402 on Contracting Our for Services before proceeding with arrangements for staffing in the following categories (“covered services”): cleaning, custodial, janitorial, or housekeeping services; food services; laundry services; grounds keeping; building maintenance (excluding skilled crafts); transportation and parking services; security services, billing and coding services, sterile processing, hospital or nursing assistant services, and medical imaging or other medical technician services.  Additional campus guidance is being developed.

For more information on identifying, placing and managing temporary worker assignments, refer to the Temporary Worker Guidelines at https://hr.ucr.edu/talent-acquisition/recruitment-policies-procedures/ucr-temporary-worker-guidelines    

For questions related to the procurement of temporary Non-IT resources, please reach out to Gae Purvis at, gae.purvis@ucr.edu; for questions regarding HR policies regarding temporary workers, please contact Sinclair Dickerson at Sinclair.dickerson@ucr.edu


Gae Purvis for Procurement Services and Sinclair Dickerson for Central Human Resources


Attachments:   Non-IT Temporary Staffing Categories  2020.pdf

                            New Non-IT Temporary Staffing Agreement Contacts 2020.pdf