BFS Operations during Campus Closure

By Bobbi McCracken (Associate Vice Chancellor for Business & Financial Services and Controller) |
Riverside, CA –

Dear Colleagues:


With the campus closure and remote work being conducted by most campus units, modifications to certain processes are necessary to best support the campus during these unprecedented times.  Although Business and Financial Services (BFS*) remains operational with the majority of our employees working remotely, the following guidance is provided based on inquiries from campus units. 

*BFS is comprised of the following departments:  the Accounting Office, Procurement Services and Student Business Services/Cashiers.


Procurement/Accounting-Accounts Payable Related

To ensure Service Level Agreement timelines can be met and reduce paper-based processes, departments are asked to make the following adjustments to their procurement processes:

Low Value Purchases  

  • Campus transactors are encouraged to use their PCard whenever possible. 
    • The PCard Cost Transfer (PCT) enhancements discussed at the March UCRFS User Group meeting will be deployed soon.
  • If PCard cannot be used, please use eCatalog vendors.
  • All purchases, when possible, should be directed to existing UC suppliers and/or UCR agreement vendors.
  • As a reminder, a copy of the purchase order (including DAPOs) must always be provided to suppliers in advance of procuring goods and services. 
  • Vendor Invoices should be submitted directly to Accounts Payable electronically via one of these two options:
    • Transcepta:  high volume suppliers have been contacted to participate in this invoice submission method, or

Note: With the campus closure, US Mail (and campus mail) is discouraged and may result in payment delays. 


New Vendors/W9s

To minimize the need for the establishment of new vendors and to expedite payment to vendors for critical campus needs, utilization of the PCard, eCatalog vendors and existing vendors is recommended.

All other new vendor requests will continue to require the submission of a completed W9. 

  • W9s can still be faxed to (951) 827-3314 (preferred option)
  • Alternatively, W9s can be submitted via DocuSign:
    • For eBuy vendors,
      • Under the email comments, provide an explanation on the reason a PCard or UC agreement vendor cannot be used for the purchase
      • Use Subject “W9 eBuy [Vendor Name]”
      • Copy the following individuals
    • For Travel and ePay vendors,

Approval of PO Invoice $10K+

Invoices over $10K received through Transcepta will be routed via eBuy to individuals designated as approvers (note: this role should be assigned to department heads and/or financial officers).  For invoices received through any other method, the Accounts Payable team member will email a PDF of the invoice to the department eBuy transactor with the vendor, invoice number and invoice amount in the subject line.  Remote approvals can be obtained one of two ways:

  1. Email:  The department eBuy transactor should forward this email to the designated department approver using their UCR email address and copying the Accounts Payable team member requesting the approver “reply to all” with their approval. 
  2. DocuSign:
  1. Use Subject “Invoice Approval [Vendor Name], Invoice [Number]and Invoice [Amount]
  2. Routed to designated department approver for signature
  3. Copy the appropriate Accounts Payable team member after approval completed

Department eBuy Transactors should ensure the items are also marked as “okay to pay” in eBuy.


Marking POs Received/Okay to Pay

Department receivers should ensure all items that were received prior to the campus closure are marked as Received/Okay to Pay in eBuy immediately.  These actions will ensure payments can be issued to vendors according to the purchase order payment terms. Matching thresholds for low value items may be adjusted during this time to allow for payments to be released. 

With the campus closure, there are a large number of packages/deliveries being held by Receiving Services that have not been marked as Received/Okay to Pay resulting in delays in payments to vendors.  Critical research and support activities continue to receive regular deliveries; all other departments are encouraged to:

  • Identify a responsible individual in the department to coordinate the pick-up of these items from Receiving by calling X2-3134. 
  • Individual picking up items from receiving should be prepared to show ID.
  • Items should be inspected, taken to the department and marked as Received/Okay to Pay in eBuy, so the vendor can be paid. 
    • If damage is suspected, take pictures before opening boxes, so claims can be filed. 
    • Coordinate with Receiving on the return of items damaged or no longer required due to the campus closure.
  • Postpone deliveries of equipment requiring installation whenever possible during the campus closure.  Departments should coordinate with the appropriate buyer in Procurement Services to arrange for alternate installation dates and negotiate alternate payment options. 
  • These items should not be marked as okay to pay and comments should be input to eBuy.
  • Procurement Services can assist with obtaining credits for the return of damaged items or requesting holds on delivery.  Please note utilization of eCatalog Vendors and PCard can help facilitate returns and credits for returns. 

Please see prior announcement on Interim COVID-19 delivery guidance located here


Travel and ePay Original Receipts

Travel and ePay receipts for reimbursable expenses require original receipts.  During the campus closure, it may be difficult to obtain the original receipts, so travel coordinators and ePay transactors can temporarily process reimbursements using scanned images of paper receipts.

  • Department Heads/Financial Officers should develop procedures  to avoid duplicate transactions
  • Travelers should be advised to retain and turn in original receipts to Travel Coordinators and ePay Transactors when the campus re-opens.
  • Travel Coordinators and ePay Transactors are responsible for retaining required originals for audit purposes.


Cell Phones and Internet service reimbursements 

Department heads/financial officers are asked to review UC Business & Finance Bulletin G-46 ( ) to identify allowable costs and establish department reimbursement parameters.  Approved reimbursements can be processed via ePay.


Check Writes 

The frequency of vendor payments and non-payroll employee payments (check and direct deposit) will be reduced to twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.   

  • Employees are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit to ensure prompt payment.  Direct Deposit information can be updated in UCPath under Employee Actions-Income and Taxes-Direct Deposit (alternatively type “direct deposit” in the search under “Ask UCPath Center” for step by step instructions).  Once validated, the bank account information entered in UCPath is shared with UCR and imported into the Accounts Payable system; this process may take up to 14 days.
  • Paper Checks to employees are normally addressed to their department if the employee has not signed up for direct deposit.  Since most departments are closed, checks will temporarily be redirected to their home/mailing address by the Accounting Office.  The home/mailing address is based on information contained in UCPath.  Employees can update their address in UCPath under Employee Actions-Personal Information-Home/Mailing Address.  Address updates are available to UCR within 1-3 days.

Wire Transfers

Given the current global COVID-19 situation and other risks, foreign transactions should be restricted.  When a foreign wire is essential, Wire Transfer requests may be sent to the Accounting Office via DocuSign

Please route the completed form and supporting documentation via DocuSign as follows:

  • Use Subject  “Wire Request-[Vendor Name]”
  • Route to department approver
  • Copy the following individuals after the department approver has signed:


Department Deposits

Department deposits should continue to be processed daily.  Unless armored car is utilized, deposits should be placed in the Cashiers drop box located on the south side of the building on the brick wall as the building is closed.  Based on conversations with sub-cashiering stations, departments should not be taking cash/currency during the campus closure unless armored car pick up is being utilized.  Please contact with questions. 


Monthly Ledgers

The month-end closing process and ledger reconciliation requirements will remain unchanged.


This announcement will be posted on the BFS website under the Announcements.  On behalf of BFS, we hope you and your families are staying safe and we look forward to the campus re-opening. 




Bobbi McCracken

Associate Vice Chancellor and Controller

Business & Financial Services