PPS Expense Transfers-Final Day to Process 4/26/18

By Bobbi McCracken (Associate Vice Chancellor for Business & Financial Services and Controller) |
Riverside, Ca –

An update has been posted regarding this announcement: RE: PPS Expense Transfers - Extension to 5/25/18

With the implementation of UCPath, the final PPS payroll compute occurred in December 2017. As previously communicated, the payroll cost transfer function in PPS would be available for four months after the UCPath transition. This notice is a friendly reminder that the final day to process PPS Expense Transfers is 4/26/18. Please ensure all PPS related corrections are processed by this deadline. After this date, PPS will be restricted to inquiry access for exiting users.

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January 26, 2018
To:      Shared Service Centers and PPS Users
From: Payroll Office
Re:     PPS Expense Transfers Window is open (***UPDATED***)

*** The pay cycle should be "XX" for all future Single and Mass Expense Transfers ***

The "XX" is being used because other pay cycles will produce checks. Expense Transfer transactions to date will be moved to the "XX" input file.

PPS is now open to process Single and Mass Expense Transfers (EDTS & EDTM Screens) through April 2018. Please use PPS to process monthly and biweekly payroll transactions that originated in PPS. Payroll expenses that originate in UCPath should also be processed using UCPath.

Use pay cycle MO "XX" and Pay End Date that corresponds to the last day of the month you want the transaction processed (01/31/18, 02/28/18, 03/31/18 and 04/30/18).

Below is the deadline to initiate the transaction for each month.
January: Monday, 1/29/18 *****
February: Monday, 2/26/18
March: Tuesday, 3/27/18
April: Thursday, 4/26/18

Path to EDTS and EDTM screens:
Enter EDAT > to go to the Dept. Adjust. Transactions Menu
Enter EDTS for Single Exp. Trans or EDTS for Mass Exp. Trans
Pay Cycle: MO "XX" (***UPDATED***)
Pay End: (Last day of current month - see dates above)

Please contact Payroll with questions at UCRpayroll@ucr.edu.