Concur: SAA Updates

By Bobbi McCracken |
Riverside, CA –

Dear Colleagues, 
Thank you for your efforts to transition to Concur.  Your feedback has been valuable as the program team worked through challenges and enhanced resources available to assist the campus.  The following information requires your action and/or awareness to improve access to features, data, and the user experience: 

  1. Travel Arranger Role

To ensure Travel Arrangers can book travel in the Concur Travel module, the Department SAA will need to assign the Travel Arranger with both the “Travel Arranger” and “Traveler” roles in EACS.  By assigning both roles under an accountability structure, Travel Arrangers can use Concur Travel to book airfare, car rentals, and hotels in Concur on behalf of their designated Travelers.  Please note the “Traveler” role should not be assigned to Affiliate/Student Travel Arrangers; however, these users will be still be able to assist with travel requests and expense reports. 

  1. iReport-Departmental Concur Reports Now Available

SAAs should coordinate with their Financial Manager to determine the appropriate users to grant access to the new Concur Departmental Reports in iReport (additional details on how to grant access is located here):  

  1. Concur Approved Cards – This report displays by Department the approved Card Type (T&E Card or PCard), the Concur Request ID, and the cardholder's first and last name.  This report provides department administrators with better visibility to employees in their unit that have been assigned the T&E and/or PCard.
  2. Concur Expense Details - This report displays by Department all Concur Expense Reports to date that are pending, submitted, and/or completed (paid).   This report provides department support teams with better visibility into the status of expenses reports associated with their unit.
  3. Note: the team is working on additional reports to facilitate department processes and oversight.
  1. New Concur SSO URL

The RSpace Concur Authorized Application and new Concur SSO URL now use UCR’s Single Sign On (SSO). The change will streamline the Concur login experience for users. The Impact23 website and training resources will be updated accordingly. 


  1. Concur System Updates

A new resource has been created to help summarize the key Concur changes to improve the user experience. Be sure to review this guidance periodically for the latest Concur releases – Concur System Updates 


  1. SAA Office Hours

Please plan on attending the SAA Office Hours to ask questions about the changes above or with other inquiries:

Friday, September 16 & September 23 from 1:00 – 2:00 pm 

Join Zoom Meeting:  


Please direct questions to


Bobbi McCracken 

Associate Vice Chancellor and Controller

Business & Financial Services