Grocery Purchase Orders

By Joe Andreu |
Riverside, CA –

Dear eBuy Transactors,

As many of you may already be aware, Stater Brothers grocery stores have stopped accepting UCR PO’s for business purchases; this change came without warning.

To replace Stater Brothers, an Agreement with Goodwin’s Organic Foods has been established and arrangements made with three Smart & Final stores.  They are all ready to accept UCR PO’s for business purchases.

When shopping at Smart & Final, please include our account number (60124600010316041) on the DAPO. No account number is needed when shopping at Goodwin’s.

Here are the locations that are accepting PO’s:

Goodwin’s Organic Foods

191 W Big Springs Rd

Riverside, CA 92507


Smart and Final

2744 Canyon Springs Pkwy

Riverside, CA 92507


Smart and Final

5202 Arlington Ave

Riverside, CA 92504


Smart and Final

3310 Vine St

Riverside, CA 92507

I also recommend that you consider these internal sources before heading outside of UCR for your grocery and catering needs:

UCR Market at Glenmor or Scotty’s C-Stores.  UCR Dining manages these markets and can do a interdepartmental recharge.  They offer a variety of food and non-food grocery selections.  Departments can contact Armando Melendez or Mary Ann Molina Person for assistance.

If your departments is looking for affordable catered food products, Citrus Grove Catering is recommended. They offer some value priced items (e.g. wraps $8 pp x 10 minimum):  

The Procurement Services team is confident that these new sources will meet your departmental procurement needs.  Please direct questions about this guidance to



Joe Andreu

Chief Procurement Officer