eBuy Enhancements: PO Invoice Follow Up

By Bobbi McCracken |
Riverside, CA –

Dear Colleagues,

Business & Financial Services is excited to announce the following eBuy enhancements to improve communication and payment processing. The new functionality now allows the Accounting Office-Accounts Payable unit to directly communicate with eBuy Transactors and Departmental SAAs by leveraging the electronic invoice infrastructure in eBuy. This enhancement will allow departmental eBuy Transactors, Departmental SAAs and the Accounting Office the ability to easily monitor the status of issues preventing an invoice from being processed.

PO Correction Requests

Accounting-Accounts Payable staff now have the ability to use eBuy to send communications to Transactors with information about pending payments (e.g. PO not Marked Okay to Pay, Shipping/Handling Issues, Insufficient PO Balance, Credit Memo, etc.). The eBuy Transactors will be able to access the invoice in question directly from eBuy using the PO Correction menu. The menu item contains a count of items requiring action. Upon clicking on the menu item, a grid will be presented with outstanding items and the Transactor will have the ability to enter comments about pending actions and attach documents. The goal of this change is to provide information regarding the status of the transaction and track follow up actions. Once pending actions have been resolved, the item will automatically be removed from the grid.

SAA Escalations

Additionally, the Accounting-Accounts Payable staff will be able to escalate unresolved matters to the SAAs associated with the PO’s Accountability Structure. The escalation email will contain a link to eBuy for the SAA to access a new menu option for SAAs. The SAA can review the history of events related to the invoice, enter comments and attach documents. The goal of this enhancement is to involve the Department SAAs in resolution of outstanding issues, ensure the SAA is aware of the volume of unresolved issues in order to re-assess access requirements, and expedite payment to suppliers. Once pending actions have been resolved, the item will automatically be removed from the grid.

Please see the attached guide for additional details regarding this new functionality. The Accounting-Accounts Payable staff will begin using this mode of communication on Monday, March 29th. Please submit questions about this enhancement to ebuyhelp@ucr.edu


Bobbi McCracken

Associate Vice Chancellor and Controller

Business & Financial Services



Attachment: eBuy PO Corrections and SAA Escalations Quick Guide