PIWRS CBR Projection Logic Enhancement

By Bobbi McCracken (Associate Vice Chancellor for Business & Financial Services and Controller) |
Riverside, CA –

Dear Colleagues,

In partnership with CNAS, the Accounting Office and ITS are pleased to announce enhancements to logic used in the PIWRS composite benefit rate (CBR) projections. CBR projections will now use employee data from HRDW to determine the CBR rate used for projections. The goal of this enhancement is to reduce the administrative burden associated with updating CBR projections in PIWRS and improve the integrity of projections to assist with the financial oversight of awards. This logic will be used beginning with the January 2021 PIWRS reporting period (published in February) .

A high-level summary of the logic used to determine an Employee’s CB projection rate is as follows:

The CB Rate is determined by first obtaining the CBR group associated with the employee’s primary position. To determine the CBR group, the system will match some or all of the following key employee information in UCPath job data. These key employee information are listed in the priority order.

             1) Employee Class (required)
            2) Eligibility Config Code (required)
            3) FLSA code (only used for certain employee classes)
           4) Job code (only used for certain employee classes)

The employee primary job record that has the most matches will determine CBR Group and Rate used for the CBR projection. If the employee has a secondary position, the CB Rate for the employee's primary position will be used.

Several users have tested the logic and agree the results are consistent with expected results. While reviewing the January 2021 PIWRS reports, please report any situations that appear to be inconsistent with the logic above to piwrsfeedback@ucr.edu


Bobbi McCracken
Associate Vice Chancellor and Controller
Business & Financial Services