COVID-19 Supply Chain Update

By Bobbi McCracken (Associate Vice Chancellor for Business & Financial Services and Controller) |

Dear Colleagues,


Due to COVID-19 concerns and the high demand for certain supplies, several UC suppliers are reporting various items may be on back-order.  Products such as masks, hand sanitizers, and nitrile gloves to be flagged as "LIMITED AVAILABILITY", or in a few cases the entire supplier's catalog has been marked as "Check for Availability".  If an eBuy Hosted catalog is utilized, the notification that an item is out of stock will not occur until after the order is placed and the order will need to be cancelled.  Transactors should utilize suppliers listed under the eBuy “punch-out” catalog to obtain more current information on availability of high demand items.  Transactors should check directly with their local sales representative regarding availability and estimated delivery timelines for back-ordered supplies. 


Please note UC’s strategic sourcing team is working with suppliers to assess the impact to the overall supply chain and reaching out to IT, Life Science and Maintenance/Repair/Operations suppliers.  UCR Procurement Services will pass long information as it become available.


Please direct questions to




Bobbi McCracken

Associate Vice Chancellor and Controller

Business & Financial Services