UC Personal Travel Discounts-Department Considerations

By Bobbi McCracken (Associate Vice Chancellor for Business & Financial Services and Controller) |
Riverside, CA –

An email is being sent to all faculty and staff announcing that UCR employees can now access the UC discounts for personal travel by using the Short’s “Find It” tool.


The Find It Tool requires the download of a browser add-on.

Google Chrome is the recommended browser to use with the Find It tool.

The following website can be used to download the add-on and access instructions for using the tool: https://www.findit.travel/UC.htm

The Find It tool is a fully automated booking option that begins at familiar sites such as Orbitz, Expedia, various airlines, and hotel websites and then applies UC travel related discounts and negotiated rates.

When using the Find It tool, eligible travelers are automatically registered for traveler insurance via UC Risk Services

Personal use of the Find It tool is available to anyone with a valid UC email address.

Important departmental considerations


Personal travel cannot be charged to the university, and the use of UCR purchase orders/DAPOs and ProCards for personal travel is prohibited. Departments should review their internal control and ledger reconciliation procedures to ensure erroneous charges are prevented and detected.

Only employees that need to travel for university business purposes should be granted the iTravel traveler role. All other employees should utilize the Find It tool.

This benefit is not intended to distract employees during working hours and UCR personnel/staff should not be used to book personal travel

Travel Insurance for personal trip is available for purchase and must be paid for from personal funds. For information on coverage while on personal travel visit https://www.ucop.edu/risk-services-travel/personal.html

Personal use of car rentals are not covered under the UC insurance program. Travelers should use their personal insurance or purchase insurance from the rental company.

Individuals requiring assistance with bookings and Short’s Find It tool navigation should contact the Short’s support team at ucsupport@shortstravel.com.

While employees are encouraged to take advantage of this special benefit, please ensure expectations are appropriately communicated to employees in your unit.

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Personal Use of UC Travel Agreements