Bad Debt Collection Process

By Bobbi McCracken (Associate Vice Chancellor for Business & Financial Services and Controller) |
Riverside, Ca –

Dear Colleagues,

With the retirement of the campus IBM system, it was necessary to implement a new system for the collection of bad debt.  As a result of the new system, simplification of the charged back debt and returned check process was necessary.  Effective November 1, 2018, the following procedures will be implemented:

  1. Recovery of bad debt originating from Banner and SIS+ will be deposited to central campus resources.
  2. Returned checks will be charged to the FAU recorded on the Cash Collection Report (CCR) upon receipt of notification from UCR depository bank.  Please ensure the Cash Collection Reporting and Reconciliation System (CCRRS) control number is recorded on all checks deposited.  If assistance is needed on collections, please see campus policy 200-16 – Billing and Accounts Receivable Management  to establish a detail code and bill on Banner.


Below are some best practices to minimize charge backs and/or returned checks when providing goods and/or services to external entities:

  • Although billing statements with past due amounts are sent out monthly to customers, departments should regularly review Banner Billing Receivables Outstanding monthly reports on iReport (General Operating > SIS Monthly Activity > BRS-Outstanding) and follow-up with customers on bills that have not been paid.
  • Consider accepting credits cards (see policy campus policy 200-17 or ) for your sales and service activity where applicable.
  • When payment by check is required, request advanced payment or wait 14 days from deposit date before releasing goods or providing service to ensure the check has cleared the bank and has not been returned.  This is highly recommended for large dollar transactions.
  • Withhold future services until bill is paid in full.
  • Deposit checks immediately as required in UC Policy Business and Finance Bulletin 49 – Cash and Cash Equivalents Handling .  Deposits must be made daily when more than $499.99 and at least weekly if under $500.


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