UCPath-GL Update

By Bobbi McCracken (Associate Vice Chancellor for Business & Financial Services and Controller) |
Riverside, Ca –

Thank you for all of your continued partnership and feedback on the general ledger-UCPath related systems and processes.  The update below contains important information regarding the general ledger and September month-end closing. 

UCRP Supplemental Interest Assessment

In order to repay STIP funds and external borrowings transferred to UC Retirement Plan (UCRP), all campus and medical center locations are charged an assessment to pay down interest.  During the negotiations of UCR’s Composite Benefit Rate (CBR), the federal government required that the interest associated with these loans be excluded from the CBR and assessed separately to only non-federal fund sources.  Although the UCRP Supplemental Interest Assessment was anticipated to begin with the biweekly pay period ending  March 27, 2018, the programming required to modify UCPath was completed in late August 2018 and charges started to be recorded in the GL beginning with the biweekly pay period ending 8/25/18.  The approved UCRP Supplemental Interest Assessment rate for FY2018 is .65% on all non-federal sources of UCRP covered compensation; the rate will increase in FY2019 to 1.28%.  The assessment is posted to benefit expense account 400610 for academic employees and 600610 for staff employees. 

SuperDOPE was updated to reflect the UCRP Supplemental Interest Assessment and the following fields were added in September

  • UCRP Supplemental Interest Amount
  • UCRP Supplemental Interest Account

Some minor errors exist in UCPath program that are currently being addressed:

  • Assessments were overcharged the reversal of REG due to vacation or sick leave (i.e. there is a positive assessment on a negative salary charge); these errors are pending correction
  • Salary cost transfers involving transactions between March and August were erroneously moving UCRP Supplemental Interest that was not originally assessed; manual journals are being created to correct these errors until a permanent fix is in place.

Payroll Journaling

  • Processes are in place to analyze and confirm data is accurate in all related source tables used to create journals and populate SuperDOPE. Process improvements are in progress to improve the timing of SCT journals.
  • Although the UCLA/UCSB conversion to UCPath was successful, due to some challenges with processing times, there have been delays in receiving September payroll and SCT data. Therefore, the September month end closing has been delayed; it is anticipated the ledgers will close by 10/12/18.

GAEL-July Error

The correction for the July GAEL assessment contained errors.  Journal corrections will be posted on the September ledgers.  I apologize for the inconvenience caused by this situation.


SuperDOPE Data

  • Benefits and Assessments
    • A complete reconciliation of Fiscal Year 2018 to the GL is being finalized; once finalized, FY2018 will be locked down.
    • As a result of the reconciliation efforts and feedback from users, refinements to logic have been implemented to improve data consistency with the general ledger.
  • Missing Data Elements
    • Manual corrections were processed to populate missing names and job codes while a permanent solution is developed in coordination with UCPath.
    • Currently, a small number of SuperDOPE rows are missing data:
      • 16 Records without names, however, the employee id does display
      • 27 Records without Job Code and Job Code Description
  • The UCRP Supplemental Interest Assessment amount and account fields are now available (see above for additional information on the assessment)
  • Summer Salary CBR Rate
    • SuperDOPE logic must be modified to allow for more than one CBR rate to display for an employee; this effort is in progress.

SuperDOPE Query Tool

  • A bug was introduced in early September related to the Accounting Period causing erroneous data results; the situation was resolved in mid-September.
  • Work in Progress
    • Improvements to Column Sorting functionality
    • Resolution of Summary Mode functionality
    • Improvement to Version Selection
    • Improvements to data fields type format when exporting to Excel


  • The permanent fix to redirect of benefit charges in Workstudy fund 23499 to the primary fund source is still in progress. 
  • Retroactive Workstudy splits.  Retroactive adjustments required special handling and coordination with the UCPath Center.  FY2018 retroactive Workstudy awards will be finalized with the September ledgers.  An approach to efficiently and effectively process these corrections continues to be discussed with the UCPath Center.

ServiceLink FAU Change Request

  • Complex FAU Change Requests (i.e. health science compensation and salaries subject to a cap) are planned for deployment in November.

ServiceLink Salary Cost Transfer (SCT) Request Tool

  • Several enhancements will be deployed in the coming weeks:
    • Complex SCT Functionality
    • Enhanced Work Study SCT Functionality
    • Adjustments to the system logic involving funds in deficit
    • Code to lock down pay lines previously processed in a SCT

Questions about this announcement should be directed to ucrfsfeedback@ucr.edu.  Thank you for your continued patience and diligence providing feedback as issues are encountered.