GL-UCPath Updates

By Bobbi McCracken |
Riverside, Ca –

Thank you for all of your continued partnership and feedback on the general ledger-UCPath related systems and processes.  The information provided below contains important information in preparation for the UCLA/UCSB transition to UCPath as well as other general ledger related updates. 

UCLA/UCSB Transition to UCPath

UCLA and UCSB will begin their conversion to UCPath in late August/early September resulting in the UCPath system being unavailable during two timeframes: 1) From 4:00 PM on 8/31/2018 through 9/5/2018 and 2) From 4:00 PM on 9/13/2018 through 9/18/2018. During this time, Shared Service Centers will not be able to transact within the system, and some campus functionality will be affected.

FAU Change Request Tool

  • The FAU Change Request Tool will still be accessible, but transactions will be held until the UCPath system is available.

Salary Cost Transfer (SCT) Request Tool

  • The SCT Request Tool will still be accessible, but Shared Service Centers will not be able to transact in UCPath during this time. Due to this system downtime, it may take longer for requests to be marked as complete and posted to the ledger.

Time and Attendance Reporting System (TARS)

  • TARS timelines for the biweekly time reporting period of 8/26/18-9/08/18 has been adjusted as follows to allow for the prompt payment of biweekly employees.  If adjustments to the time projected are necessary, supervisors should initiate a correction using the TARS “prior pay period adjustment” functionality.
    • Bi-weekly paid employees are asked to project their time worked on 9/06/18-9/08/18 and submit their timesheets to supervisors on 9/5/18 by 11:00pm.
    • Supervisors of bi-weekly paid employees are asked to review and approve time on or before 9/6/18 by 11:00pm.
    • Although information will be provided to biweekly paid employees and supervisors within the TARS system and through the TARs reminders, departments are asked to ensure their biweekly paid employees and supervisors are aware of the adjusted due dates.
    • Note: Although time clock users and other time feed systems will not be required to project time, these feeds will have accelerated schedules to submit and approve.  Information has been communicated to system owners.

ServiceLink FAU Change Request

  • Issues regarding the delay in updating FAU Change Request status has been resolved.
  • Complex FAU Change Requests (i.e. health science compensation and salaries subject to a cap) programming is pending

ServiceLink Salary Cost Transfer (SCT) Request Tool

  • Complex request functionality is being tested and will be deployed in the coming weeks. 
  • Payroll Transactions on Department Default Funding (fund 69993).
    • For FY2018, reconciliation of discrepancies involves other funding sources.  The goal is to reconcile all differences and process journal adjustments for the August month-end ledgers.
    • Reminder: beginning FY2019, transactions posted to fund 69993 will need to be cleared by departments using the SCT Request Tool. 


  • A full reconciliation of FY2018 data between UCRFS and SuperDOPE by FAU is in progress.  Although the differences are not material, it is important to ensure consistency between the summary and detail data. The goal is to reconcile all differences and process journal adjustments for the August month-end ledgers.
  • Erroneous GAEL Assessment.  The first July biweekly payroll utilized incorrect rates for the assessment (e.g. .62 vs .0062; .54 vs .0054).  Manual journal entries were processed to correct charges in UCRFS.  However, due to materiality of error, SuperDOPE will be adjusted to reflect the following for this biweekly pay cycle:
    • Original transaction lines with incorrect GAEL amount
    • Reversal of original transaction lines with incorrect GAEL amount
    • Restatement of original line with correct GAEL amount
  • Academic Summer Salaries.  The UCPath logic to determine correct CBR rate implemented with July salary charges.  Modifications to SuperDOPE to correctly display of CBR charges will be deployed this week; however, the display of corresponding CBR rate is a work in progress.
  • Fringe Costs Are Being Mapped to the Incorrect GL Account (academic account codes used instead of staff account codes). Journal corrections processed for non-academic units for June ledgers; BFS is developing process for academic units to request corrections.
  • Missing Data field – approximately 300 rows (out of over 900,000) are still missing minor data elements.  Efforts continue to resolve. 
  • FAU Description display is pending
  • UCRP Interest Assessment has not yet been implemented in UCPath; this assessment is now planned for the August pay period.  The display of this information in SuperDOPE is pending deployment.


  • The permanent fix to redirect of benefit charges in Workstudy fund 23499 to the primary fund source is still in progress.  FY2018 erroneous benefit expenses were manually journaled for the June ledgers.
  • Retroactive Workstudy splits.  Retroactive adjustments required special handling.  FY2018 retroactive Workstudy awards were processed for the July ledgers.  An approach to efficiently and effectively process these corrections is being discussed with the UCPath Center.

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