Update on Salary Cost Transfer Request for Fiscal Year-End (06/22/18)

By Bobbi McCracken (Associate Vice Chancellor for Business & Financial Services and Controller) |
Riverside, Ca –

Below are updates on Salary Cost Transfers (SCT) to ensure fiscal year-end deadlines are met:

  1. Simple SCTs should be approved and in your Shared Service Center’s queue today to ensure posting to the June Preliminary ledger (please note: your SSC may have communicated their own deadline to their clients). Please note SCTs should continue to be submitted and may be processed for the June Preliminary ledgers as time permits.
  2. In order to have a consistent treatment of Complex SCT Requests and clarify the 6/17/18 guidance, please review the following guidelines as soon as possible.
    1. Requests that are considered “Complex” include:
      1. Salary rows that are present in SuperDOPE but missing from the SCT Request Tool.
      2. Work Study transfers related to removing work study or transferring paylines that have existing work study splits. Note: applying Work Study that has not been applied to the original paylines is considered a “simple” SCT request and can be submitted using the SCT Request Tool.
      3. Transfers involving employees who are in the Health Science Compensation Plan.
      4. Transfers involving salaries subject to sponsored agency caps.
    2. All Complex SCT requests must include an Approval form and a SuperDOPE Query for SCT Back up.
      1. One approval form per employee per Pay Period (see attached).
      2. One SuperDOPE Back up per employee (see example attached).
      3. SuperDOPE Back Up support must include all columns on the Sample provided in the guidance.
      4. Approval forms must be signed and dated by FAO of Department Receiving the Salary Expense. Additionally, PI Signatures and Dates are required for Contracts & Grants.
    3. If you experience issues in the SCT Request Tool that you feel prevent you from submitting the request, but the item is unrelated to the Complex requirements above, please send an email to UCRFSFeedback@ucr.edu immediately.
    4. Please submit the complete forms and SuperDOPE back-up directly to Elizabeth Carr (elizabeth.carr@ucr.edu ) AND Andrea Campos (andrea.campos@ucr.edu ) by Monday, 6/25/18 and use “Complex SCT” in the email subject line.
    5. Please note: transactions that can be processed using the SCT Request Tool (i.e. simple) will be returned to the department.
  3. The following actions have been resolved in production this week:
    1. Resolved issue where users were unable to transfer charges off of an fund in overdraft.

Please direct questions on this guidance to ucrfsfeedback@ucr.edu.

Attachments: Complex SCT Manual Request Form; Example SDOPE Query For SCT Backup