Update on Salary Cost Transfer Request for Fiscal Year-End

By Bobbi McCracken (Associate Vice Chancellor for Business & Financial Services and Controller) |
Riverside, Ca –

Following up on the deployment of the ServiceLink Salary Cost Transfer Tool, below are a few important updates for the fiscal year-end closing process:

  1. All “simple” SCT requests, for both monthly and biweekly paid employees, must be approved and in the Shared Services queue by 6/22/18 (or the date communicated by your SSC) to be reflected on the preliminary ledgers; this date replaces the dates previously communicated on the Closing Letter.  Transactions can be submitted after this date, but may appear on the July ledgers. 
  2. Despite efforts to incorporate “complex” SCTs into the tool in time for the fiscal year-end processing, complex transactions (i.e. salaries subject to sponsored agency caps or unusual situations) will need to be requested via the manual processed previously used for “urgent” SCTs.  However, to ensure complex SCT are processed in time to be reflect on the June preliminary ledgers, please submit the complete forms and SuperDOPE back-up directly to Elizabeth Carr (elizabeth.carr@ucr.edu) AND Andrea Campos (andrea.campos@ucr.edu) by Monday, 6/25/18 and use “Complex SCT” in the email subject line.  The form to make complex requests is attached along with an example of the required SuperDOPE supporting information. 
  3. Transfers involving the Health Science Compensation Plan are being coordinated directly with the SOM.
  4. The following actions have been taken since deployment: 
    1. Resolved routing of transactions in excess of 120 days to the Org CFAO.
    2. Added an “Additional Pay Lines” hyperlink to the Approver and Fulfiller Tab to allow those roles to view a complete picture of the pay lines in a pay check, whether or not they were selected for transfer
    3. Updated the drop down options under Reason for Salary Cost Transfer field were updated to: "Data Entry Error", "Employee Redirected to Another Project", "Late Award or Chartfield Setup", and "Other"
    4. Updated the request header to display the Transactor’s name instead of the Transactor’s Net ID.
    5. Ensured the Transactor’s Accountability Structure consistently appears under the history section of a request
    6. Ensured ALL changed FAU elements are highlighted on a request
    7. Resolved Transaction Log Tab display issue
    8. Resolved routing of SCT Request Tool notification emails
    9. Resolved Addressed issue where funds were being erroneously treated as being passed their fund end date

Thank you for your continued patience.  Please direct questions and concerns to ucrfsfeedback@ucr.edu and include “SCT” in the subject line.

Attachments: Complex SCT Manual Request Form; Example SDOPE Query For SCT Backup