Deployment of Service Link Salary Cost Transfer Request Tool

By Bobbi McCracken (Associate Vice Chancellor for Business & Financial Services and Controller) |
Riverside, Ca –

Good news! The Accounting Office and Information Technology Solutions is pleased to announce the deployment of the new ServiceLink Salary Cost Transfer (SCT) Request tool.   As demonstrated on 5/30/18, the SCT Request Tool will provide department users with an efficient mechanism to request salary cost transfers, minimize key entry errors to avoid the need for additional transfers, ensure appropriate and consistent documentation and approvals exist​s, provide business rules to guide the users on UC policy, and provide a common repository for requests that can be easily retrieved for audit purposes. The attached User Guide provides important information to assist transactors and approvers with using the ServiceLink SCT Request Tool. 

Next steps:

  1. To begin using the SCT Request Tool, Department SAAs must assign the following ServiceLink roles in EACS:
    1. SCT Transactor.  Individuals assigned this role should be knowledgeable of FAUs, fund restrictions and UC Business & Finance Bulletin A-47 University Direct Costing Policy.
    2. SCT Approver.  This role should be assigned to the department Financial and Administrative Officer (FAO) or equivalent.   Please note if the SCT approver has not been established, the FAU Change Request will not be able to be routed forward. 
    3. Individuals may possess both roles, but cannot approve their own requests.
  2. The SCT Request Tool can be accessed via RSpace under ServiceLink; the Salary Cost Transfer link is under the Finance section.
  3. Due to the anticipated high volume of cost transfer requests required for fiscal year end closing, users are asked to prioritize requests and submit/approve the most critical transfers by 6/22/2018 in order to allow sufficient time for processing and posting to the Preliminary June ledgers.  Although transfers can be submitted after this date and efforts will be made to process these transfers as quickly as possible, requests approved after this date may not be reflected on the June ledgers. 
  4. At this time, SCT Transactors are asked to avoid initiating requests involving the default FAU’s fund source 69993 until 6/6/18.

Additional guidance will be distributed soon on the year-end processing procedures for salary cost transfers involving complex situations (e.g. health science compensation and salaries subject to sponsored agency caps).

Thank you for your patience awaiting the development and deployment of this tool.

Please direct questions and concerns to and include “SCT” in the subject line.

Attachments: BFS SCT Request Tool Guide - May2018