GL-UCPath Updates

By Bobbi McCracken (Associate Vice Chancellor for Business & Financial Services and Controller) |
Riverside, Ca –

Thank you for your continued patience as GL issues related to our UCPath pilot implementation are identified and resolved. The information provided below contains important updates on the resolution status of key issues and systems.

ServiceLink Salary Cost Transfer (SCT) Request Tool

  • The Salary Cost Transfer Request Tool will be deployed next week along with a user guide.  The SCT request tool will facilitate the communication of required information to the Shared Service Centers for entry into the UCPath system. 
  • In anticipation of the deployment of the SCT Request tool, two user demonstrations are planned for next week.  The same information will be discussed at both sessions. 
    • Date:  May 30, 2018
    • Time:
      • First session       9:30 am – 11:00 am
      • Second Session 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
    • Location: The Alumni Center
  • Payroll Transactions on Department Default Funding.  The BFS team and Shared Services Centers continue to prepare corrections for payroll transactions recorded against the department default funding. To avoid additional salary charges to the default funding, please utilized the FAU Request Tool to search for positions associated with fund 69993 and prepare a request to update the FAU.
  • Urgent SCT Requests. Please continue to utilize the urgent request process based on the revised guidance issued in March (Revised Guidance: UCPath Related Salary Cost Transfers) until the tool is released.


  • Accounting Period.  Users reported inconsistencies between the UCRFS Accounting Period and the SuperDOPE Accounting Period.   This situation impacted a small number of transactions primarily related to salary cost transfers.  SuperDOPE is being redesigned to ensure consistency with the UCRFS accounting period; however, the proposed change requires “saved queries” using Accounting Period to be updated by de-selecting Accounting Period in the criteria and columns, re-selecting the Accounting Period and re-saving the query.
  • Column Reordering.  The Settings tab contained several bugs that prevented users from re-arranging fields in advance of running queries.  These bugs have been resolved.  Going forward, users will have the ability to re-order column output using the Settings tab.
  • Duplication of Benefits in SuperDOPE.  This bug was related to salary cost transfers and has been resolved.
  • Other minor enhancements to improve the user experience have been implemented. 

ServiceLink FAU Change Request Tool

  • Retro Effective Date. A retro effective date can be used on a FAU change request.  The effective date can be backdated to the beginning of an open pay period prior to the payroll compute.  To ensure the retroactive FAU is applied to the current pay period, the FAU change request must be approved and ready to upload by the payroll compute cut-off date.  The calendar of dates is available at the following links; the cut-off date is listed under “corrections due” column):
  • Fail Status. The recent fail status reported by users has been attributed to a process within UCPath not being executed. The FAU Change Request tool has been refined to prevent this erroneous status from being displayed. A new status and notification are in progress.  
  • Work in Progress (WIP).  Work in progress now displays under the “In-Progress” tab.  Requests with a WIP status are now accessible all Transactors within the applicable accounting structure rather than limited to the original Transactor.
  • Cancel Button.  A bug prevented the cancellation of a WIP transaction. This issue has been resolved.

Graduate Student Fees

  • The Winter Quarter reconciliation and journal corrections are still in progress.


  • The redirection of benefit charges to Workstudy fund 23499 is still in progress.  Erroneous benefit expenses will be removed by fiscal-year end.


  • Journal frequency.  Efforts are in progress to ensure journals are received and generated on a more frequent basis.
  • SCT Source Code.  A new source code, SCT, is now being used for salary cost transfers.  This change allows Department SAAs to set up a PAN Courtesy Copy role to be established for SCTs. 

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