Deployment of Service Link FAU Change Request

By Bobbi McCracken (Associate Vice Chancellor for Business & Financial Services and Controller) and David Gracey (Deputy CIO, Enterprise Solutions) |
Riverside, Ca –

Good news! As demonstrated at the 3/14/18 UCRFS User Group meeting, the new ServiceLink FAU Change Request tool is now available. The implementation of UCPath introduced a new way of managing the Full Accounting Units (FAU) associated with salary/benefit expense distributions. Salary FAU changes will be initiated through the FAU Change Request tool, which provides for a standard campus process, approvals and audit-trails. Using this application, departments will have the ability to update the FAUs associate with UCPath position funding distributions. The majority of FAU changes will be directly uploaded into UCPath nightly, thereby streamlining the process significantly.

Please note that there are many differences with how salary related funding are handled in the UCPath environment versus the former PPS environment. UCPath utilizes "position funding" to distribute salary/benefit expenses. Every employee must have a position, and the combination of the employee and position makes up a "job". In order to properly distributed salary and benefit expenses, every position must be set up with appropriate funding. The attached User Guide has been created to help explain UCPath position funding and provide instructions for the using the FAU Change Request.

Next Steps:

  1. To begin using the FAU Change Request, Department SAAs must assign the new ServiceLink 1) FAU Transactor and 2) FAU Approver roles within EACS for each Accountability Structure associated with positions in their area of responsibility.
    • The FAU Approver role should be assigned to the Department Financial and Administrative Office (FAO) or equivalent.
    • Please note if the FAU approver has not been established, the FAU Change Request will not be able to be routed forward.
    • In addition, changes will be route based on the Accountability Structure selected by the Transactor and activity codes involved in the transaction. Individuals may possess both roles, but cannot approve their own transactions.
  2. To access the FAU Change Request, go to ServiceLink ( and under the Finance box, click on the FAU Change Request link. All users are encouraged to review the attached guide before using this application.
  3. A priority for FAU Transactors is to locate and resolve any current positions without FAUs. This task can be accomplished by searching for positions within an Accountability Structure using fund source 69993 (the department default funding). Please identify an appropriate FAU and submit requests by 4/20/18. These actions will minimize future postings to the department’s default funding.

FAU updates will take effect on the designated future effective date. For current pay periods, FAU updates use the same deadline as I-181 File Creation deadline published on the Accounting Office website for biweekly (prc-tars2018bw-cal.pdf) and monthly (prc-tars2018mo-cal.pdf); therefore the FAU request must be approved by the respective deadline to impact the FAU charged on pending payrolls.

Thank you for your patience awaiting the development and deployment of this tool. Please direct questions to

Attachments: UCR UCPath FAU Guide-March2018; EARN Code Account Transformation List-March2018