Payroll Journals and SuperDOPE Update

By Bobbi McCracken (Associate Vice Chancellor for Business & Financial Services and Controller) and David Gracey (Deputy CIO, Enterprise Solutions) |
Riverside, Ca –

Good News! The UCPath December payroll journals for 1) the monthly paid employees and 2) biweekly pay period ending 12/30/17 posted on 1/18/18 and the December ledgers will be available early next week. In addition, a new version of SuperDOPE will be deployed on 1/19/19. All existing SuperDOPE users will access the new version via RSpace Authorized Applications. It is important to note, there are some significant differences in how transactions are recorded in UCPath and reflected in SuperDOPE. Several user group meetings are being scheduled to review these changes and the dates will be announced soon. In the meantime, please review the notes at the end of this email message for a brief overview of changes.

Thank you for your patience as UCR transitions to the new UCPath environment. Questions can be directed to


Overview of UCPath related GL and SuperDOPE changes

  1. The new UCPath payroll journals utilize the source code “PLD”.
  2. The salary lines of the payroll journal now contain a control number under the journal line reference field; the control number will allow users to easily query the detailed transactions in SuperDOPE that are associated with the GL journal line.
  3. SuperDOPE has been optimized for use with Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox browsers.
  4. The number of journal lines associated with the related benefit costs are significantly reduced due to the Composite Benefit Rate (CBR). For most FAUs, benefit costs will consist of the CBR, Vacation Accrual, and Vacation Taken Offset.
  5. For qualifying graduate students, departments will also continue to see GSHIP, PFR, NRTR. Please note there is a known bug regarding the distribution of these costs to ineligible job codes and their related FAUs; request for manual corrections should be submitted to
  6. GAEL is now included in the payroll journal and not under a separate journal using source GEL. GAEL charges on contracts and grants are now automatically redirected, so the ledgers will not be cluttered with reversing entries beginning in January.
  7. PPS Distribution of Service (DOS) codes are referred to as Earn Codes in UCPath. See the attached list of UCPath Earn Codes.
  8. PPS Title Codes are now referred to as Job Codes. The length of the job code is six-digits, but the base code remains the same (e.g. title code 1000 is now 001000).
  9. In UCPath, vacation is handled differently than in PPS.
    • In the GL, salary expenses are broken down between the normal salary expense accounts and new vacation taken accounts.
    • In SuperDOPE, monthly employees vacation leave taken will appear under Earn Code VAC while biweekly employees vacation leave taken will appear under a new Earn Code of VCN.
  10. In UCPath, sick leave is handled differently than in PPS.
    • Although the GL entry will look the same (i.e. the employee’s normal salary account is charged), SuperDOPE will reduce the salary charge associated with the REG Earn Code and record an expense under the sick leave Earn Code.
    • For monthly paid employees, sick leave is recorded under earn code SKL and for biweekly paid employees, sick leave is recorded under earn code S1L.
  11. In UCPath, the actual leave dates are submitted and transactions will be aligned to the appropriate month/pay period. Therefore, in SuperDOPE, leave taken in a prior month (e.g. leave taken in November and reported in December) will reflect a reversal of time for that pay period under the REG Earn Code and record the time under the vacation, sick leave or other leave Earn Codes in December.
  12. A small number of overall payroll transactions were posted to a department default FAU under fund 69993 due to issues encountered while converting the PPS data. The Accounting team will coordinate with departments on FAU corrections and salary cost transfers as necessary.
  13. In SuperDOPE, to see an employee’s entire salary/wage, please select all Earn Codes (formerly called DOS codes).
    • If an employee takes sick leave, a portion of their salary will appear under the sick leave Earn Codes using their regular salary expense accounts.
    • Similarly, if an employee takes vacation leave, that portion of their salary will appear under vacation related earn codes.
  14. For your convenience, the new version of SuperDOPE contains a version of the PPS data going back to July 2016; the PPS data in the new SuperDOPE is provided for reference purposes, and will not have all of the same UCPath data fields.
  15. Access to the PPS version of SuperDOPE is available via a link to Version 1 in the top right hand corner of the new SuperDOPE—under the icon labeled SDOPE V1.
  16. At this time, iReport will not have a PDF version of the Distribution of Payroll Expense. Information on how to create a version of the DOPE via SuperDOPE is being developed and will be distributed soon.
  17. There is summary mode in the new SuperDOPE to allow users to quickly summarize data without having to export to Excel; this feature is a currently “work in progress”.
  18. SuperDOPE Output data can be sorted using the Setting tab; this feature is a “work in progress”.
  19. SuperDOPE will continue to be enhanced over the coming weeks and months.
  20. Questions and feedback should be submitted to

Attachments: EARN Code to DOS Code Mapping