TARS Department TAA Role De-provisioning

By Bobbi McCracken (Associate Vice Chancellor for Business & Financial Services and Controller) |
Riverside, Ca –

With the implementation of UCPath and our Campus Shared Services Model, please be aware of changes to the Time & Attendance Reporting System (TARS-V2) that impact functionality for Department SAAs and DTAAs. Beginning with the Monthly reporting period of 11/16/17-12/15/17 and the biweekly reporting period of 12/17/17-12/30/17, timesheets will no longer be available to DTAAs for action as TARS responsibilities have transitioned to the Shared Service Centers' Time & Attendance Administrators (SSC-TAA). In addition, the TARS-DTAA role will no longer be available for assignment by Department SAAs in EACS, and all existing DTAA roles will be de-provisioned in January 2018.

The TARS Inquiry role continues to be available for assignment by Department SAAs. Inquiry access will allow these individuals to continue to view timesheets within their accountability structure(s) and coordinate with department supervisors and the unit's Shared Services staff, as needed. Please note: after a timesheet is approved by the assigned supervisor(s), most timesheets will by-pass the SSCs and time/leave will be submitted directly to UCPath for processing, so it is important for supervisors to carefully review the timesheets before approving.

For additional information on changes to TARS, please review the on-line LMS course "UCRTA110 UCR Intro to TARS for Academic and Staff Supervisors."

Questions can be directed to timesheetfeedback@ucr.edu or saaupdate@ucr.edu.