New Asset Management System Training Sessions

By Bobbi McCracken (Associate Vice Chancellor for Business & Financial Services and Controller) and David Gracey (Deputy CIO, Enterprise Solutions) |
Riverside, Ca –

As part of campus Organizational Excellence and Lean thinking processes, Business & Financial Services and Computing & Communications are pleased to announce the deployment of a new web-based Asset Management System (AMS) to replace the aging IBM mainframe Equipment Management System (EMS). The goal of AMS is to provide equipment custodians with a user-friendly and readily accessible tool to facilitate the accurate monitoring and reporting of equipment assets. The AMS was developed as a low-cost interim solution to enhance and improve the equipment inventory process. Some of the improvements include:

  • Utilization of the UCR Net ID single sign-on (CAS) instead of an IBM user ID
  • Access assigned by Department SAAs via the Enterprise Access Control System (EACS)
  • Ability to access the AMS via R'Space Authorized Applications
  • Integration with UCR's Department Codes (versus EMS Custodial Codes)
  • Ability to search and generate a listing of equipment items by Department Codes and Accountability Structures to assist with annual verifications
  • Integration with the Facilities Management System (FMS) to specify building, floor and room number.
  • Ability to attach documents and photos

In order to facilitate a smooth transition from EMS to AMS, two training sessions have been scheduled for department heads/financial managers, SAAs, and equipment custodians. It is only necessary to attend one of the sessions.

Training Session #1
Monday, June 19 from 3:30PM to 4:30PM
Alumni & Visitors Center

Training Session #2
Wednesday, June 21 from 8:30AM to 9:30AM
Alumni & Visitors Center

Please note, to prepare for the transition, the last day users will have the ability to make modifications in the EMS is 6/9/17. After this date, data will be extracted for conversion to the AMS with the goal of releasing the AMS to campus users on 6/15/17. At this time, department financial manager are asked to:

  1. Designate an AMS Equipment Custodian and invite them to attend one of the training sessions above. The Equipment Custodian is the individual in the department responsible for the integrity of asset data in the AMS. This individual will have the ability to view equipment records associated with their designated accountability structures, modify select record fields (such as serial numbers, location, condition, usage, and assigned user), attach documentation/photos, request equipment dispositions/transfers, and verify the completion of the annual inventory and biennial physical inventory. A User Guide will be available via the AMS application's Help menu.
  2. Once the AMS deployment is announced, coordinate with your department SAA to immediately establish the designated AMS Equipment Custodian role(s) via EACS.
  3. Upon deployment, ensure the department AMS Equipment Custodian performs the required annual equipment verification process or biennial physical inventory by 7/7/17 (extension from originally published year-end closing date of 6/23/17), if the verification has not yet been performed in EMS for this fiscal year.

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