Contracts and Grants Accounts Receivable Report

By Bobbi McCracken (Associate Vice Chancellor for Business & Financial Services and Controller) and David Gracey (Enterprise Solutions, Computing & Communications) |
Riverside, Ca –

In support of UCR's ongoing Operational Excellence and Lean Thinking initiatives, the Accounting Office and Computing & Communications (C&C) are pleased to announce the availability of a Contracts and Grants Accounts Receivable Report. The goals of the report are to provide transparency on billing of sponsored contract and grant agreements, provide the status of outstanding (i.e. unpaid) invoices, and assist department financial managers/analysts with the tracking potential issues.

Department System Access Administrators (SAAs) can immediately grant access to the new report by assigning the Agency Billing System (ABS) Inquirer role via the Enterprise Access Control System (EACS). It is recommended that department staff with financial responsibilities over contracts and grants (e.g. C&G analyst, eAward Transactors, PIWRS Coordinators, etc.) be assigned the ABS Inquirer role. Once the role is granted, the ABS application will appear in the user's R'Space Authorized Applications.

As demonstrated at the May 16th C&G Users Group Meeting, the C&G Accounts Receivable report can be generated by PI, Department, agency and/or fund group with an option to display an aging of the receivables. Users will also have the ability to drill into invoice details. For additional information on the report, please review the User's Guide (also available via the ABS Help Menu item).

It is important to remember the Accounting Office's Extramural Funds (EMF) team is responsible for the invoicing of sponsored project agreements per the terms of the award and the related collections of past due invoices. Although users with the ABS Inquiry role will have access to invoice details, all requests for invoice copies from sponsors, auditors and others should be directed to the EMF unit.

On behalf of the Accounting Office, EMF team, and C&C, we hope you find the contract and grant Accounts Receivable report useful and informative. Again, the goal of the C&G Accounts Receivable report is to improve transparency regarding sponsor invoicing and payments by providing access to outstanding receivables via a user friendly interface. Questions should be directed to