ePay Enhancements Deployed

By Bobbi McCracken (Associate Vice Chancellor for Business & Financial Services and Controller) and David Gracey (Enterprise Solutions, Computing & Communications) |
Riverside, Ca –

Computing & Communication and Business & Financial Services are pleased to announce the following ePay enhancements were deployed today, March 27th.

  • To ensure consistency with campus guidelines, attachments are no longer be required for ePay requests involving meals when the total ePay request is less than $75.
  • ePay Transactors have the ability to “recall” ePay requests while in the Host’s queue (e.g. when event host separates from the University before approving all items in their queue).
  • The FAU Combination Edit Checks are consistently applied between the three types of ePay requests (i.e. Direct Payments-Single Payee, Direct Payments-Multi Payee, and Business Meetings/Entertainment).

Please submit questions or concerns via the Service Now application (https://ucr.service-now.com/ucr_ess/) or epayfeedback@ucr.edu.