Travel/ePay Users Group Meeting 8/25 at 9:00am

By Bobbi McCracken (Associate Vice Chancellor for Business & Financial Services and Controller) |
Riverside, Ca –

There will be a Travel and ePay Users Group meeting on August 25th (Thursday) from 9:00 a.m.- 10:30 a.m. in Highlander Union building in Room 302 South. The proposed agenda topics include:

  • New Travel Feedback Tool (David Gracey, Amber Jones)
  • Processing requests for registration, memberships, subscriptions (Vicki Gonzalez)
  • Processing ePay PO Backup requests (Vicki Gonzalez)
  • Requirements for using Costco and Smart & Final (Vicki Gonzalez)
  • Documentation requirements for pre-paid expenses for travel expenses and business meeting/entertainment (Sandy Danford)
  • Foreign Per Diem Meals & Incidentals Documentation Requirements (Bobbi McCracken)
  • BFS Service Level Agreement FY2017 (Bobbi McCracken)
  • Farewell to Vickie Gonzalez

If you have suggestions for additional topics, please submit or Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting.