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University Loan Policy

  1. Contract and Grant equipment which is in the care and custody of the University, but for which the University does not have title, cannot be loaned without the specific written approval of the titleholder.
  2. University equipment cannot be loaned to any outside individuals, agencies or organizations unless the intended use is directly related to a University research program or is considered by the Department Chair to be in the best interest of the University. Factors to be considered in determining the best interest of the University shall include, but not be limited to, the relationship of the intended use to the University's mission of education, research and public service and perceived" "sensitivity" of such use. The written approval of the Materiel Manager or his designated representative is required prior to any equipment being removed from the Campus.
  3. On-Campus Loans: If equipment is loaned to another department for a short period, a memorandum of transaction should be filed in the lending department. If the period of the loan exceeds one year, it should be reported to Equipment Management on an EIMR.
  4. Off-Campus Loans: These loans are documented on the AUTHORIZATION TO USE UNIVERSITY PROPERTY IN AN OFF-CAMPUS LOCATION (Attachment 1, Storehouse form #71471-192) agreement and sent to the Equipment Manager for approval. The purpose for the off-campus loan should be stated on the agreement. These loans should not exceed one year in length; they can be renewed if a requirement still exists at the of the year.

Authorization to use University Property in an off-campus Location: Form

Authorization to use employee-owned property on University Property: Form

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