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Please note that as of the new Asset Management System (AMS) implementation in June 2017 this guide is no longer up-to-date. This section has been flagged for a future update.

Equipment Inventory Guide

Equipment Inventory Guide

Last Updated 1/24/2014

This guide gives a comprehensive summary of the Inventory requirements of the campus for the annual Inventory Verifications and Bi-annual Physical Inventories. Additionally it gives a summary of the Equipment Management Systems functions and how to use the system to complete the online verification process.

Equipment Inventory PDF

Instructions for Yearly Equipment Inventory

It is a requirement of the Federal Government and of University Policy that campus equipment inventories must be completed annually in order to ensure the accuracy of inventorial records in the Equipment Management System. There are two required inventory confirmations that departments must complete by the annual Inventory Completion Date. The first is the campus equipment inventory that must be verified every year. The second is a physical inventory must be conducted at least once every two years.

The next Inventory Completion Date has not yet been determined

Inventorial Verification involves ensuring the accuracy of all equipment records for your department with the information that is listed in the Equipment Management System. Physical Inventories are carried out in the same manner as inventorial verification but additionally the departments are required to physically locate the actual equipment before confirming the equipment records accuracy.

Inventories are no longer completed though hard copies, instead inventories are completed online using the Equipment Management System.

To accomplish this update on-line, you need access to the IBM Mainframe and have established authorization with Equipment Management to update your records. To view your inventory on the IBM, select "CI", enter your user ID and password, and then program "EQ00."

  • At the Main Menu, input your Department's custody code, and then input "AI" under the Type Record field.
  • A query screen will appear with three records; F8 key will take you to the next three records. The F5 key on a record with the cursor will provide you the complete record and allow you to make changes to it. The TAB key will take you to those record fields you can change.
  • When you change data, please make sure you hit the "enter" key to save it. F3 will take you back to the query. Please consult your handbook for more details on system features.

Verify that all items reflected on the inventory listing belong to your Department. Initiate an Equipment Modification Request (EIMR) for active items, electronically explaining the circumstances for items not found. Effective 1/1/00, paper EIMRs were eliminated and are no longer accepted. Condition and usage codes. DO NOTHING unless changes are significant (i.e. utilization is 0%). The codes are described as follows:
(1). Condition Code - two character codes
E - Used, reconditioned 1 - Excellent
O - Used, without reconditioning 2 - Good
R - Repairs needed 3 - Fair
4 - Poor Usage percentage (0 - 100%) - Inventory records must include a utilization percentage for each equipment item.

Update these codes electronically: Assign or revise the department location field. This ten digit "location" field can be constructed with either alpha or numeric characters. Some departments use a room number, some a users name.

Update using the on-line system. When your inventory has been completed and all changes have been made, Press F4 on the main screen (Phys Inv/Annual Verification), type in your custodial code in either the ANNUAL VERIFICATION or PHYSICAL INVENTORY section (make sure you read the statement) and then press enter. If you are responsible for more than one custodial code, just type in the number and press enter again. If you have conducted your Physical Inventory, please include your custodial code in both Annual Verification and Physical Inventory. You no longer need to email Equipment Management with your custodial code and the date your inventory was completed. If items are on loan at an off-campus location, ensure a loan form is executed for the first time. A loan extension may be done in the remarks section.

If you would like to have an Active Inventory Excel Sheet to assist in the completion of inventory checks, please email Steve at requesting an active inventory and listing your needed Custodial Codes.

Please call Steve at Extension 2-4209 if you have any questions or need assistance.


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